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Group Name  Desig.       Contact     
A Er.Kulbir Jassal Sr.Xen
A Er.Aman Sharma J.E. 9459046586
A Sh.Hamender kumar T-Mate/Helper 98162-03445
B Er.Naresh Kapil Sr. Xen
B Er.J.N.Sharma AAE 94180-32426
B Sh.Kapil Dev T-Mate/Helper
C Er.Madan Lal Dhiman Sr. Xen
C Sh.Hemant Kumar T-Mate/Helper
D Er.Rakesh Negi Sr.Xen 94180-25280
D Er.Dinesh Kumar A.E
D Sh.Praveen Kumar T-Mate/Helper
E Er.Kuldeep Pathania A.E.
E Sh.Praveen Khachi T-Mate/Helper
Control Room 0177-2837543
500-120 (Fax)
  * Deviation Settlement Account for the week 050218-100218   * Provisional REA for the month of January, 2018   * Tender Enquiry for Banking of Power by HPSEBL for 2018-2019   * Notice Inviting Tender for Sale of Renewable Power (Non-Solar) on Short Term Basis for 2018-19.   * Allocation of Power from CGSs (Revision # 12/ 2017-18 w.e.f. 00:00 hrs of 30.12.2017)   * SINGLE LINE NETWORK DIAGRAM OF HPSEBL (66KV and above)   * Final REA for the month of April, 2017   * Atlas of HPSEBL Power Grid with details of Sub-Stations (66kV & above), Optical Network and PLCC network of HPSEBL. * MULTI-YEAR TARIFF PETITION FOR 3rd CONTROL PERIOD FY 2014-15 TO FY 2018-19 * HPSEBL - TARGET MONITORING & REVIEW SYSTEM      * GoHP Notification dated 10-06-2010: Notification & Agreement       * Procedure for Real Time Operations.    * Maximum Demand of the State on Dated 23rd February 2018 at 07:45 Hrs : 1521MW   * Agenda for 144th OCC meeting.   * Agenda for the 38th TCC and 41st NRPC Meeting.   * Notice for 144th OCC meeting.   * Minutes of 143rd OCC meeting.   * Minutes for 12th meeting of TEST Subcommittee.   * Notice for the 38th TCC and 41st NRPC Meeting.   * Minutes for the 37th TCC and 40th Meeting.   * Agenda for 12th meeting of TEST Sub committee.   * Notice for 12th TeST Sub-Committee Meeting.   * Agenda for 37th TCC and 40th NRPC Meeting.    * What to do for WannaCry attacks: Please ensure all of your Windows environments have been updated as described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 - Critical. Microsoft is providing Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks    * Prevention of WannaCry Ransomware Threat - WebCast Session by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)
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