1 Bhakra & Beas Management Board
2 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
3 Central Electricity Authority
4 Central Water Commission
5 Coal India Ltd.
6 Damodar Valley Corporation
7 Department Of Atomic Energy
8 Department of Energy, Government Of Rajasthan
9 Ministry Mines
10 Eastern Regional Load Dispatch Center
11 Gas Authority Of India Ltd.
12 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
13 Ministry Of Petrol & Natural Gas
14 Ministry Of Power
15 Ministry Of Water Resources
16 National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC)
17 National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
18 Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd.
19 North Eastern Electric Power Corporation - NEEPCO
20 North Eastern Regional Load Dispatch Center
21 Northern Regional Power Committee
22 Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
23 Oil India Ltd.
24 Planning Commission of India
25 Power Finance Corporation
26 Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd.
27 Power Management Institute
28 Power Trading Corporation
29 Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd. (Formerly NJPC)
30 Southern Regional Load Dispatch Center















Western Regional Load Dispatch Center

















  Electricity Regulatory Commissions

1 Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
2 Appellate Tribunal For Electricity
3 Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission
4 Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
5 Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission
6 Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission
7 Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission
8 Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
9 Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission
10 Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
11 Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission
12 Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission
13 Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission
14 Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
15 Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
16 Uttarkhand Electricity Regulatory Commission























West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission























State Electricity Boards/Discoms

1 Bihar State Power Transmission Company Ltd
2 Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply Co. Ltd.
3 BSES Rajdhani and Yamuna Power Limited
4 CESC Limited
5 Delhi Transco Limited
6 Gujarat Electricity Board
7 Haryana Power Utilities
8 Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam
9 Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board
10 Karnataka Power Corporation Limited
11 Kerala State Electricity Board
12 Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board
13 Maharashtra State Electricity Board
14 Meghalaya State Electricity Board
15 North Delhi Power Limited
16 Punjab State Electricity Board
17 Surat Electricity Company Limited
18 Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board
19 Tata Power Company Limited
20 The Ahmedabad Electricity Company Limited
21 Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited
22 Uttaranchal Power Corporation






















West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited






















1 HPSEBL - Target Monitoring and Review System
2 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
3 Indian Electricity Portal
4 International Energy Agency
5 Tata Energy Reasearch Institute


































World Energy Council


































                                   HPSEBL - REAL TIME MASTER DISPLAY - SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM                                             * Additional Agenda for the 42nd TCC and 45th NRPC Meeting.   * Provisional REA for the month of MAY 2019   * Notice for 160th OCC meeting.   * Deviation Settlement Account for the week 130519-190519   * Minutes for the 41TCC-44NRPC Meeting.   * Agenda for 159th OCC meeting.   * Minutes for 159th OCC meeting.   * Notice for the 42nd TCC and 45th NRPC Meeting.   * Allocation of Power from CGSs (Revision # 04/ 2019-20 )R1   * Allocation of Power from CGSs (Revision # 04/ 2019-20 )   * Final REA for the month of August, 2018   * Swapping of Power up to 550 MW on 'As and When Available/ Required Basis' Banking arrangements for FY 2019-20-Offers thereof   * Revision in Allocation of Power from CGSs (Revision # 12/ 2018-19 w.e.f. 00:00 hrs of 01.02.2019   * Tender Document for Sale by HPSEBL for 2019-2020   * Tender Document for Banking of Power by HPSEBL for 2019-2020   * Tender Document for Renewable Power by HPSEBL for 2019-2020   * Minutes for 14th meeting of TEST Sub committee.   * Agenda for 14th meeting of TEST Subcommittee.   * Additional Agenda for the 40th TCC and 43rd NRPC Meeting.   * Agenda for the 40th TCC and 43rd NRPC Meeting.   * Notice for the 40th TCC and 43rd NRPC Meeting.   * SINGLE LINE NETWORK DIAGRAM OF HPSEBL (66KV and above)   * Atlas of HPSEBL Power Grid with detail of Sub-Stations (66kV & above), Optical Network and PLCC network of HPSEBL. * MULTI-YEAR TARIFF PETITION FOR 3rd CONTROL PERIOD FY 2014-15 TO FY 2018-19 * HPSEBL - TARGET MONITORING & REVIEW SYSTEM      * GoHP Notification dated 10-06-2010: Notification & Agreement       * Procedure for Real Time Operations.    * Maximum Demand of the State on Dated 15th June 2019 at 11:30 Hrs 1477 MW    * What to do for WannaCry attacks: Please ensure all of your Windows environments have been updated as described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 - Critical. Microsoft is providing Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks    * Prevention of WannaCry Ransomware Threat - WebCast Session by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)
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